arrow_back Fluid 0.9.0

Fluid is our toolkit for cross-platform and responsive applications that supports Material Design and optionally the Microsoft Universal design language.

Originally an Hawaii library (see here), Fluid is the continuation of the project using QtQuick Controls 2 and merging code from qml-material.

It replaces qml-material which was using QtQuick Controls 1.


  • Supports QtQuick Controls 2.
  • Full Material Design support.
  • Ships Material Design icons.
  • Almost all qml-material components are now available.
  • Improved ListItem API.
  • Sort filter model.
  • Standardized spacing and margins.
  • Typography components.
  • QStandardPaths wrapper.
  • Per-project QMake installation.
  • Demo application.
  • Initial API documentation.
  • Application store friendly license (MPL v2).

You can download the source tarball from GitHub

SHA256 checksum: 1e198730a855ab8662c4ebb4f13bf5b9b142ddac9971f101acfbfd68a98cd554