arrow_back Vibe 0.9.0

Vibe is our support library for the shell and applications.

It is the merge between libhawaii and libpapyros.


  • Qt-style wrapper of GSettings that provides a nice settings API based on schemas with change notifications
  • Qt-style API for notification clients
  • Enhanced QList that provides a model with change notifications for QML
  • Formatting functions
  • QML wrapper around KWallet
  • QML plugin to access storage devices and batteries
  • QML plugin for notification servers
  • QML plugin for notification clients
  • QML plugin for MPRIS2 clients
  • QML plugin to implement PolicyKit agent
  • QML plugin for PulseAudio support
  • QML plugin for NetworkManager support
  • CLI notifications client

You can download the source tarball from GitHub

SHA256 checksum: 95f3ad567029450e2e5a86659287e01d6d5465d20aadcbe7f6459ce4c1055b78