arrow_back Flatpak runtime and apps

We are proud to introduce Liri runtime and apps on Flatpak!

Flatpak is a new technology for building and installing desktop applications and we are working on getting our cross-platform applications and runtime packaged.

The first milestone has been reached and we now have the Liri runtime with all the common dependencies for the apps, the SDK bits to build the apps with, as well as the following apps:

  • Browser
  • Calculator
  • Files
  • Text

Current builds are meant for testing, soon we’ll add more apps and release a stable branch of the runtime and SDK.

Try it out

Flatpak is very easy to use: the first time you install an application it will download and install the dependencies.

We have also prepared files to make the installation fast and easy.

Install the runtime

When an app is installed, the runtime is automatically downloaded and installed so you usually don’t need to perform the following actions.

Anyway for the sake of completeness here’s the steps.

First you need to add the remote repository:

flatpak --user remote-add liri

Install the runtime:

flatpak --user install liri io.liri.Platform

Pictures are worth thousand words so here’s a video.

Install the apps

Install Browser:

flatpak --user install

Install Calculator:

flatpak --user install

Install Files:

flatpak --user install

Install Text:

flatpak --user install

A video of the procedure is here

Run the apps

Run Browser:

flatpak run io.liri.Browser

Run Calculator:

flatpak run io.liri.Calculator

Run Files:

flatpak run io.liri.Files

Run Text:

flatpak run io.liri.Text