arrow_back Fluid 0.11.0

Fluid is our toolkit for cross-platform and responsive applications development that supports the Material Design design language.

This is the release candidate of Fluid 1.0.

Adopt this version and report changes to the API that you wish to see happen before the API is set in stone with Fluid 1.0.


  • Switch to qbs build system
  • Support qmake for per-project builds
  • Add Android deployment support
  • Build documentation with qdoc automatically
  • Automatic publishing of the documentation
  • SearchBar
  • OverlayView
  • FloatingActionButton
  • Date picker
  • Time picker
  • WindowDecoration private class to integrate with decorations of the underlying window system (only Wayland is supported at the moment)
  • Fix tabbed page tabs
  • Removed FluidStyle
  • Refactor ListItem
  • Demo improvements
  • Merge Fluid.Material into Fluid.Controls

You can download the source tarball from GitHub

SHA256 checksum: a938e1d931e742060bcffce3ad98237de953019fc70b9c5180ceb8efa7f1e71a