arrow_back QbsShared 1.1.0

We are proud to announce the availability of a new version of qbs-shared: modules and imports for the qbs build system that we use with all the Liri projects.

  • Clang static analyzer support
  • Do not set QML plugins as bundles
  • Add LiriProduct import with common features for all products
  • Add LiriPrivateModule import for private modules
  • Add LiriLibraryProbe import that finds includes and shared libraries without pkg-config support
  • Adapt to qbs 1.10
  • Add AppStreamQt module

You can download the source tarball from GitHub

SHA256 checksum: ab1d1fc8a7a76df6a7e7b521c9ddfcdc997d8a6d57c3f43acbb6bbe5f2059ae7