arrow_back QbsShared 1.2.0

We are proud to announce the availability of a new version of qbs-shared: modules and imports for the qbs build system that we use with all the Liri projects.

The main change of this release is with the lirideployment module that now has the lirideployment.prefix property that defaults to /usr/local.

All lirideployment paths are now absolute.

  • Prepend qbs.sysroot and fix builds with cross-compiler
  • Use absolute paths for lirideployment
  • Prepend lirideployment.prefix to all paths instead of using qbs.installPrefix
  • No longer rely on qbs.installRoot being referenced by code
  • Use Probes.PkgConfigProbe instead of LiriPkgConfigProbe
  • LiriLibraryProbe find multiple files
  • Rewrite several modules to use LiriLibraryProbe
  • Depends on qbs >= 1.9.0

You can download the source tarball from GitHub

SHA256 checksum: 1cbf3475bef23f3533bb164ad9eda7042d488a0e7a6a954b48cfb4c8cee1d1aa