arrow_back Fluid 1.0.0

Fluid is our toolkit for cross-platform and responsive applications development that supports the Material Design design language.

It replaces qml-material which was using QtQuick Controls 1.

This is the first stable release.

We aim to maintain API compatibility until the next major release.


  • Requires Qt 5.10
  • Supports icon grouped property
  • Remove all the iconName and iconSource properties: use the new icon grouped property instead
  • Fix SearchBar always showing placeholder text on mobile
  • Retrieve new Material Design icons categories automatically
  • Retrieve 24px icon counterpart when Material Design collection doesn’t include the 48px version
  • Add macOS support to minimalqmake
  • Replace Tumbler used in TimeSelector with a ListView
  • Add Material Design icons collection to the demo
  • Add system icons to the demo
  • Change orientation in DatePicker, DateTimePicker and TimePicker and set a default value based on the screen orientation so that the control automatically fits
  • Implement DatePicker, DateTimePicker and TimePicker API with C++
  • Move types used as internal details to a private import
  • Use system-wide qbs-shared if requested
  • Add SearchBar::expanded property and improve keyboard handling
  • NavigationDrawer now lets you add whatever contents you want
  • NavigationListView is the old implementation that uses a ListView
  • Add a ScrollView around the NavigationListView list view
  • Allow to specify a custom delegate in NavigationListView
  • Fix macOS builds
  • Remove IconButton and add a custom ToolButton
  • Redesign Action around the Qt Quick Controls 2 type
  • Remove MenuItem
  • Don’t give focus to tabs in TabbedPage
  • Install a Fluid qbs module with version information
  • Embed Material icons as resources or install them alongside the Fluid.Controls QML plugin
  • Fix Page.push() method
  • Replace InfoBar with SnackBar with support for both mobile and desktop
  • Add Card to Fluid.Templates
  • Install Qt Assistant documentation

You can read the detailed change log from the previous release here.


You can download the source tarball from GitHub

SHA256 checksum: c6cec8f91c8ab5619f6b4b61204b9e6fa6865c9915206a49f8ae522d45514a65