arrow_back Fluid 1.2.0

Fluid is our toolkit for cross-platform and responsive applications development that supports the Material Design design language.

It replaces Papyros’ qml-material which was using QtQuick Controls 1.

We aim to maintain API compatibility until the next major release.

This is the last release that requires Qt 5.10, with the next minor release we will be requiring at least Qt 5.12 LTS.

  • Unit test improvements
  • Qt Quick Compiler support for the demo
  • Fix AppBar height
  • Don’t use invalid StackView.view
  • Make sure NavigationListView item width is right
  • Add missing override keyword to SortFilterProxyModel
  • Fix SortFilterProxyModel roles
  • Make Snackbar resistent to height changes
  • Implement liri-decoration Wayland protocol
  • Cleanup and various fixers in documentation
  • Install demo icons
  • CMake build system, replacing Qbs
  • Fix Snackbar disappearing immediately in some cases
  • Make sure ListItem is at least 48px in height

You can read the detailed change log from the previous release here.


You can download the source tarball from GitHub

SHA256 checksum: 6f1eecd573454ed814a90202b1591dcdd2f86b359836c43ad0a296d835164c2d