You can try Liri OS with the live image and eventually install it from there, or if you are already running Arch Linux, you can add our repository and install the packages, build them yourself with AUR, or build the source code.

Remember that Liri OS is currently in  alpha  stage and there might be issues.

You can install the desktop and applications on Arch Linux using the liri-unstable repository.
Append the following lines to your /etc/pacman.conf:

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$arch/

Then run:

pacman -Syu

To install the shell and core apps:

pacman -S liri-shell-git liri-settings-git liri-terminal-git liri-files-git liri-appcenter-git

Now you can log into the desktop from SDDM or GDM, select Liri from the session menu and type your password.


Nightly live images are available here.
The live image supports x86_64 and is based on Arch Linux and the binary packages from liri-unstable.

Hardware Support

Hardware supported by Open Source drivers should work. Here's the list of supported GPUs:

  • Intel: i915 or newer cards
  • AMD/ATI: using the open source driver except for cards supported by radeonsi
  • NVIDIA: cards supported by the nouveau open source driver
  • VMware
  • QEMU with QXL

VirtualBox does not currently support Wayland reliably, please use other virtualization solutions such as virt-manager.

Download source code from here.

We now have Flatpak runtime and apps. More information on our blog article.

Install Browser:

flatpak --user install

Install Calculator:

flatpak --user install

Install Files:

flatpak --user install

Install Text:

flatpak --user install