We are building a set of modern and flexible apps for Liri OS. A fluid design as well as solid features are equally important. The cross-platform nature of our applications allows us to distribute Liri Apps to many different platforms. While we are currently focusing on GNU/Linux desktops, we plan to expand further to bring Liri Apps to all platforms form-factors as development continues. In addition to our cross-platform apps we offer a set of highly integrated Core Apps enabling us to provide the best possible user experience on Liri OS.

Core System Apps

Our Core Apps are very tightly integrated into Liri OS to provide the best experience.


Settings is a tool to configure the system


Terminal emulator


Files is a tool for managing files

App Center

AppCenter allows you to install apps and update the OS

Cross-platform Apps

Our cross-platform apps where designed from the ground off to work across all operating systems and form factors.


Liri Browser is a cross-platform, Material design webbrowser

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Liri Text is a cross-platform text editor with features aimed to ease editing of code and configuration files

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Liri Calculator is a cross-platform, Material design calculator

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Trying them out

From source

Get and build the apps from Github.

From a repository

Check the Download section.